9 Marketing Tips: you can do to make 2015 your best year ever

small marketing logoHere are 9 ideas that will help you ensure that 2015 will be your best year ever. This is very much a doctor heal thyself list, but it is also a condensed list of some of the recommendations that I give clients on regular basis. Many of the things seem obvious but many of the items are exactly what Sumach Designs specializes in helping clients with.

1. Start Before 2015

This is the perfect time to get organized for 2015. For many companies the next 3 weeks is a far better time to fix and update their materials than the first 3 weeks of January. Get a head start now and be ready.

2. Update your existing marketing materials

Updating brochures, presentations, websites, newsletters , banners, signs or posters with a new fresh look can invigorate your message (See point 9).

3. Promote yourself

It seems like a funny thing to say but it always amazes me how many friends and acquaintances I speak with that say “oh I forgot that you create websites. ” Real Estate agents, at least the good ones, are masters of self-promotion and always reminding their family and friends that they are what they do. That is how they get 80% of their business. By the way if you need a good real estate agent call Mike Cunningham www.mikecunningham.ca. He is one of the best in Toronto.

4. Network, Network and Network

People buy from people they know so get out and talk to more people. The holidays are a great time to be ready to do that especially with those new business cards (see point 2).

5. Start an E-newsletter

It is not as difficult as it seems. 4 or five a year can do the trick and goes a long way towards promoting yourself and your business to your clients and friends (see point 3).

6. Give referrals

If you are communicating on mass with clients via social media or e-newsletters one of the items you should include is a shout out or referrals to people you know and like. They will love you for the kind words and they will probably return the favour (see point 3).

7. Stop thinking twitter or face book will solve your problems

Social media is a tool that can help in some ways and in others it is a crutch preventing you from developing real relationships with real humans.  Use it to get in touch and reach out but be careful not to get sucked down the rabbit hole.

8. Have lunch

Lunch is an integral part of business that happens every day in the corporate realm but often forgotten in the self employed, small business world. Regular lunch dates get you into the land of the living, they are fun and delicious and they build business.

9. Call Sumach Designs at 647-281-3417

Sumach Designs can help you with all of your marketing efforts, updating outdated materials, social media guidance/training, graphic design, presentation design, new looks and fresh ideas and affordable marketing solutions is what we do.

Peter Lovering is the owner of Sumach Designs, The Parliament Street News and the Church Street News.  His company specializes in helping clients improve their marketing presences through online, traditional media and non-traditional methods of marketing your business.