Idea Branding your Business

Idea Branding is a new idea. It is a way of looking at marketing yourself and your business differently. We don’t apply all the usual ways of doing things because you and your business are unique.

The online dictionary says an idea is a thought, plan or suggestion about what to do. It goes on to say that and idea is an opinion or belief and something that you can imagine or picture in your mind.

The same dictionary says branding is the promoting of a service.

Combine the two and you have Idea branding. The literal combination of: suggestions, opinions and a plan that will help to promote your service.

It sounds easy but it takes an open mind. The hard part is mapping out all the different steps, physically executing those steps (one at a time) and making sure they are working. Now if we throw in the, not so little subject of, budget and it gets a little harder.

Let Sumach Designs help you clarify your Brand Idea and we have the team to execute all those ideas and the plan.  Just give us a call to learn more.  647-281-3417.