Marketing your Business

Marketing a small business is much like an onion. It has many layers and it makes you cry.

Everybody thinks they have the time to market their company and business easily. We all think we can update our websites, handle twitter, facebook, linked in, google advertising, create flyers, post cards, and marketing materials and the list goes on. It takes time, valuable time, away from what everything a small business should be doing. What should you be doing? You should be selling.

Yup….getting out there and talking to people, telling them what you do , having lunch and building business the old fashioned way. By using Sumach Designs to help you with all of that (not so ) little stuff you will find more time in the day to build your business. A funny thing will also happen you will also have a variety of up to date marketing materials, websites, social media to help you sell more effectively.

With all of our marketing projects we tend look at what you have and how it can be improved, rather than starting from scratch. We add bits here,  augment there over time you will have a much improved marketing strategy that is not only affordable but doable.

Sumach Designs provides help in every aspect of Marketing…what we really do well is map out the layers, identify your value and help you express that value to you clients.